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365 Talent Portal Privacy Notice

All the data you enter in this registration form is being collected and processed by 365 Resource Limited. This Privacy Notice summarises the essential information about how we collect and process your data – please make sure you also read our full  Privacy Policy.

Why we collect the data in this form

This data is necessary for us to reference you in our database, to verify that you are a genuine Microsoft Dynamics professional or Microsoft Dynamics employer, and to provide you with the basic services you can gain from our platform.

We are collecting and processing the data submitted in this registration form under the lawful basis of consent. At the end of this registration process, you will be asked to consent to your data being stored in our database and processed in the ways described in our Privacy Notice and  Privacy Policy.

What we do with this data

The data collected via this registration form will be stored in our database. It will be kept there as long as your 365 Talent Portal account remains open.

For Microsoft Professionals and Students or Graduates, the data will be gathered into a professional profile. You can control whether this professional profile will be seen or hidden. If your profile is visible, your data will be used to reference you in our Candidate Search Engine (only accessible to our paying customers). In this situation, you will also receive an automated email notification each time an employer sends you a message via our website.

For Partners and End-Users, your company name, logo and website address will be displayed on the job adverts you publish on our internal job board. You will also receive an automated email notification each time a candidate expresses interest in your advert via our website.

A few of our services require for your data to be shared and processed in ways that aren’t listed in this Privacy Notice. This will only happen if you give us your explicit and informed consent for this additional sharing and processing. The details of the services involved are available in our  Privacy Policy.

If you give us consent for it, the data entered in this registration page may also be used by 365 Resource Limited to send you relevant automated email alerts and/or Dynamics newsletters.

Who has access to this data

The data entered in this registration page can be accessed by 365 Resource Limited.

For Microsoft Professionals and Students or Graduates, your contact details (email address, phone number) will never be displayed to other users, unless you include them in your CV and make your profile visible. If you make your profile visible, the customers of 365 Talent Portal who have an active Silver or Gold membership will be able to view your name, city/country and professional information.

For Partners and End-Users, unless you publish a job advert, your information isn’t visible to any other users. If you do publish a job advert, our Microsoft Professionals and Students or Graduates will be able to see your company name, logo and website address.

365 Resource Limited is an international organisation. The personal data entered via this registration form is stored in secure servers located in the EU, but it may be accessed by 365 Talent Portal staff located overseas. It can also be seen by other users located in various countries worldwide (under the conditions described in this section).

Consent withdrawal and data protection rights

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the registered users of 365 Talent Portal benefit from the following rights: Right to be informed, Right of access, Right to rectification, Right to erasure, Right to restrict processing, Right to data portability, Right to object and Rights related to automated decision making (including profiling).

For all of the data which is collected and processed by 365 Resource Limited under the lawful basis of consent, individuals also have a Right to withdraw consent at any time.

The details of each of these rights and the ways in which they can be exercised by 365 Talent Portal users, please read our full  Privacy Policy.

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